We are glad you which one of the biggest bases with photos of naked stars and celebrities is collected to welcome on our portal on! Today on our pages beautiful and sexual Serena Williams, completely naked and sexual! The American sportswoman, the sexual tennis-player Serena Williams was born in the city of Saginaw on September 26, 1981. I have begun occupations with tennis since the smallest years.

The first professional success to the tennis-player has come at the end of 1990. So, in 1999 Serena together with elder sister, also the tennis-player, could win a title of “Grand Slam”. Later I could win a victory in “The open championship of the USA”. At the beginning of 2000 together with the sister in doubles competitions Serena could win a victory at “Olympic Games” in Sydney. And in 2003 Serena has won “The open championship of Australia”. The following stage in Selena’s career it is possible to call “Opening the championship of Australia” in 2008, and soon “The Olympic Games in Beijing”. Soon the tennis-player has gained a serious injury and has been forced to suspend the participations in tournaments.

In several years Selena has proved that she was completely recovered having won 48 of 50 matches in 2012. The same year Selena has won gold at “The Olympic Games in London”. Except successful sports career, Selena Williams is also known for cooperation with brands of sportswear and participation in their advertizing. Besides, the sportswoman has issued own autobiography. Also this beautiful girl is known as the active participant of charity events. For your pleasure we have collected the most candid and sexual erotic photos in style of a nu with naked Serena Williams.