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The American actress Kristanna Loken was born in the city of Ghent on October 8, 1979. The actress was married, her spouse was Ache Denbi. Kristanna’s career started at the beginning of 1990 with bit parts in series, such as “The law and an order”, “The guy learns the world”. In 1996 the film debut of the actress when Kristanna has played Tiffany’s role in the movie “Strangers in a Family” has taken place. Soon the actress has played roles in such pictures as “A criminal zone”, “Aerofobiya”. The first popularity to the actress has come with a role of Terminatriks throughout the legendary fighter “Terminator 3: Revolt of machines” which has come out in 2003. Later, the actress has played leading roles in such movies as “Bladreyn” and “the Ring of Nibelungs”. Exactly thanks to roles of brave and cruel warriors Kristann also became world famous.

So, for years of career the actress has acted in more than 40 projects. The last among which became “S.W.A.T.: Fiery storm”, “Kay and Peele”, “Hitman”, “Hunting behind the ghost”, “Mercenaries”. Also among the last roles of Kristianna, the movie “Black Rose” where she has played a role Emily Smith and series “Riley’s History”. Also the release of three movies where Kristanna will play roles is planned. For your pleasure we have collected the most candid and sexual erotic photos in style of a nu from naked Kristanni Loken.