We are glad you which one of the biggest bases with photos of naked stars and celebrities is collected to welcome on our portal on! Today on our pages beautiful and sexual Candice Patton, completely naked and sexual! The American actress Candice Patton was born in the city Jackson on June 24, 1988.

The supporting role in series “Handsome” became one of the first roles on TV screens for Candice. Later there were bit parts in such popular series as “The hill of one tree”, “Passion anatomy”, “Heroes” and “Kasl”. Soon the actress has played Kelly’s role in series “Forgotten”. And in 2010 I have appeared in a bit part of the widow, in series “Rizzoli and Iles”. In 2011 Candice has played in the television movie, the thriller “The Murderer on a Social Network”, having played Kate’s role. Also Candice played Veronika in series “My boy”, and later has played Torii’s role in series “Game”, having appeared in ten episodes. Also I played bit parts in several detective series.

Popularity to the actress has come in 2014 when Candice has got one of leading roles in the screen version of popular comics “Flash”. So, the actress has appeared before the audience in Iris Uest’s image known after comics as the wife Flesha. However, directors of series have decided to change a little a plot to warm up an intrigue of the audience. By the way, now the actress is involved on shootings of the second season of series. Also in 2015 Candice has played one of roles in comedy series “Konmen”. For your pleasure we have collected the most candid and sexual erotic photos in style of a nu from naked Candice Patton.